Top-5 Websites to Hire a 3D Visualization Artist – The Best Tips about the Platforms

Are you looking for a professional who’ll put all your ideas into life? Hiring a freelance artist is a good idea. We’ll show the 3d artist portfolio websites so you won’t make a mistake.

Top-5 Websites to Hire a 3D Visualization Artist – The Best Tips about the Platforms

You can be an advertiser, game developer or you’re planning to make a great renovation and change your house and interior completely. In this cases the need in a professional 3d art studio or an independent 3d artist. The easiest way is to look through freelance platforms, and today we’ll show you the best ones.


This website collects portfolios from all countries and cities in the world allowing employees to find 3d art outsourcing and save much money in this case. There are some useful features giving a perspective of every employer. For example:

  • Tags with skills;
  • A brief overview of each user;
  • Portfolios full of pictures and links to the projects;
  • Tests provided by Upwork;
  • And other useful fields.

Also, every month the website creates a top of best freelancers in a chosen field. Look at them to be sure your project will be done in time.

CG Trader

If you’re looking for a 3d visualization artist, CG Trader is just for you. This platform concentrates mostly on selling 3d models and textures, providing professionals with a place where they can show their best works. Look through the gallery and choose the right person.

3d modeling, rendering, and animation are popular fields here, so finding a person who’ll put your idea into life isn’t a problem. Of course, working with freelancers is harder than with outsourced companies like 3dreach, but there’s a real chance.

  • There’s a 24/7 support;
  • Employers pay only when they’re satisfied with the result;
  • Every stage of your project is known thanks to live chat.


It’s one of the most popular websites for freelancers. It works like social media giving professionals opportunities to share their best works with each other. On Behance, one can look not only at usual portfolios but at real masterpieces. If you haven’t already decided the whole idea of your game or video, get inspired on this website.


This platform isn’t an obvious one as it requires a bit more efforts to find this very 3d visualization artist. It’s suitable especially for game developers as the owners of 3d models sell them on this website. There one can find 3d weapons, skulls, helmets, and other staff. Probably, there’ll be something ready-made to use or you’ll understand that the way this artist creates is right what you want.


Finding a freelancer in any field always takes time, so be ready to invest hours and hundreds of dollars until you get the necessary result. Or you can always apply for outsourcing companies like 3DReach.